Placido-Shop Software

Placido-Shop Software

  What is Placido-Shop ?

Placido-Shop is an online sale software.
It gives you a simple, fast and efficient way to develop your online business.
Placido-Shop is a very easy to use online sales software !
Forget all your previous (and traumatic !) CMS online sales experiences. Here everything is simple !
Whether you are just a salesperson with no programming knowledge, a website integrator or a developer professional web, Breathe ... Sell ... Develop ... Simply !

Placido-Shop is hyper-optimized for the natural referencing of your online store in search engines.
You can share your products on your social networks, they will benefit from a special display including the product image, its title, its description as well as a link to this product in your store. Enough to create many sales channels.

The program features a dynamic "sitemap" system that will allow search engines to keep up to date with your products.
Note: We have not included any social network in the program, but you can easily do it yourself, if necessary do not hesitate to contact us for an integration and / or a customization of the program.

Placido-Shop is software that is optimized to be fast to charge and use.
It will provide your users with optimal user comfort.
Purchases are made without user registration, here we go to the most direct, we sell !

You will have private access to a management interface that can be used by a 10 year old child ...
Yes, managing your products and your online store has never been so easy.

In addition the program will provide you with:
- An automatic management system for your stock.
(which can be used completely privately)
- An automatic invoicing system.
- A standardized achivage system.
- An efficient and automated communication system
(Payment receipt, purchase orders, personalized emails).
- Precise statistics on the location of your visitors
(and more to come ...)
- The system can be suitable for small craftsmen in order to relieve them in the drafting of their invoices.

- We chose Stripe as our payment system, this offers you and your customers maximum security:
Payment data will not pass through your server.
In addition, Stripe does not require a subscription, at the time of this writing, Stripe's commission is:
For the USA:
2.9% + US $ 0.30 per successful card payment
+ 1% for international bank cards
+ 1% in the event of currency conversion
For Europe: (by successful card payment)
1.4% + € 0.25 for European cards.
2.9% + 0.25 € for non-European cards.

The program includes a payment system by means other than by credit card, in this case no fees will be charged.

We have deliberately chosen not to handle the shipping costs.
Do you manage to add a margin to amortize your shipping costs :
- I abandon 99% of my "baskets" when I discover the amounts of the shipping costs ...
One price, everything is included, sell without obstacles !

Programming side:
Placido-Shop is based on the "AJAX" method but all pages and products are accessible by "url".
Images are loaded only as needed by the user and are cached.
The program includes a code minification system.
Once compressed, a single CSS file and a single javaScript file for the whole application.

Placido-Shop has been tested in market-place mode with 30 sellers and 1100 unique products with plug-ins loaded at the same time such as the weather forecast, classified ads, several dynamic pages ... Average loading time (multiple sellers version) :
Finish: 1.49 s
DOMContentLoaded: 591 ms
Load: 955 ms
And this single seller mode version is even lighter and faster.

The source code for Placido-Shop has been made using the simplest logic, you can do great things with this program without much knowledge of the code.
You can easily add functionality if you are familiar with jQuery, PHP and the Mustache templating system (.js & .php).
Once again everything is simple here: Placido-Shop is based on a system of PHP classes which are nothing but function reservoirs, which can be called from anywhere in the code, by the other functions (public methods).
Some will scream at the use of this method, I invite them to improve the code but once again, it will be necessary to go as simple as possible, even if it means being a little more procedural.

I have been developing this system for at least 900 hours, it is quite mature but much remains to be done.
The program has been designed to minimize its environmental impact and minimize the data transferred, allowing as much energy to be saved as possible.
Raphaël Castello - Developer of Placido-Shop "The Online Sale Software !"